How To Make Money Writing Online


In short, yes you can! I didn’t believe it until I actually tried it for myself, but there is some serious money to be made.

I am now making a full time income from the comfort of my own home, doing something that I am hugely passionate about. And it took very little effort to get started.

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That might sound like somewhat of a showy statement, but it really is the truth! If you are looking to become a writer, then read on!


The truth is, you reap what you sow, and this is true in any line of work but especially true for anyone looking for become a writer.

It is vital that you put the time and effort in if you really want to see results. And the likelihood is that you won’t see a massive profit from day one. But with a little determination, this is more than doable.

I began freelance writing around a year ago but for the first six months, had very little success. I am now earning, as I mentioned earlier, a full time income, and am working as little as 20 hours a week.


There is no secret, in fact, what irked me most when I found out, was that this was something which had been staring me in the face the entire time.

I had tried flogging my services by myself, to no avail. Aside from the publishing of my book, which wasn’t day to day work, I wanted writing projects for other people which paid.

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I then tried platforms such as Freelancer and Fiverr but again came out with nothing more than a few pounds.

I then stumbled upon, completely by accident a platform called iwriter, and since then, my income has sky rocketed and I have built up an amazing client base.


iwriter is a platform designed to link freelance writers with those who need content, and there are a whole world of jobs on offer.

The idea is that you sign up (you have to pass a few tests to get in) and begin your career as a ‘standard’ writer. I’ll be honest, the pay here isn’t great but this is where your time and effort come in.

Once you have received 25 reviews which are above 4.1 stars and you will move up

to the next level, which is ‘premium.’ After this you can work your way up to the ‘elite’ level and after that comes ‘elite plus.’ It took me around four weeks to get to elite plus, working on a part time basis, so it would be possible to meet the criteria much more quickly if you wanted to.

Once you are at elite level, the money really starts to go up and elite plus articles pay extremely well-although there are not many buyers who use this category so I often find myself writing elite level articles. That being said, I’m not complaining.


One of the best features is that clients can reach out to you personally and give you as much work as they’d like. I have now built up relationships with a large amount of clients, some of whom I now work with outside of the platform (if you do this, please make sure that it is only with a trusted client who is willing to pay a deposit before you begin working.

Most of my weekly work is now made up from direct, or special requests as they are known on the platform, from my clients. Not only is this financially fruitful but also gives you the sense of accomplishment to know that your work is being well received.

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You are paid a week in hand, and receive your weekly payment every Tuesday. I have never had a problem with payment and the support team at iwriter are excellent, answering questions and concerns quickly and in a useful manner.


In terms of submitting work, you can select a project from the job board or write a special request. Once you have finished, you send the work to the client who then looks over it for review. If they are happy with the work, they approve it and send your payment. There is also the option for the client to return the work to you and ask for an edit.

Finally, if the client is not happy with what you have written, there is the option for them to reject the content and you are not paid. However, if you follow the brief, this won’t happen very frequently. I have written almost 600 projects and only 12 have ever been rejected. The most common reason for this is that the content was not what the client wanted, and I have noticed that this happens when the client does not

attach a detailed brief and so you are kind of stabbing in the dark. For this reason, I would highly suggest not starting projects which do not have a detailed brief.


If you are looking to become a writer and think you have the skills to do so, then there is nothing stopping you from signing up. There is no limit on how much or how little you can write (aside from standard writers only being allowed to submit one article every 40 minutes-but this is lifted once you reach premium level) and you can build this up into a full time career or simply do it as a side gig.

All you need to get started is internet connection, a PayPal account and the ability to pass the sign up test.

Why not hop on over to the iwriter website and take a look for yourself? I’d also like to add that I am not working in conjunction with the company on this post, the opinions here are entirely my own and I am not being compensated for this article.

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