How My Writing Career Began

I have always loved to write, as a child I would forever be filling notebooks with creative writing and ‘interviews’ with pretend people. I remember shoving bits of paper at my mother and begging her to read them.


As I got older, life took over and writing kind of took a back seat, although I did always keep a journal. I started work after leaving school, in a food factory where I progressed to a Quality Controller before having my first baby at 19!

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Family took over from this point, and I went on to have three more children. Between baby number three and four I worked part time at McDonalds – my idea of hell but I made some good friends and it paid the bills.

However, after I had my last baby in 2015, I decided that, when it was time for her to go to school, I didn’t want to go back to working a job I had no passion for. So, I picked up a pen and paper and began planning my first book.

These plans sat untouched for quite some time before I actually knuckled down and wrote the book. There was always some excuse as to why I didn’t have the time when actually, I did, I was just choosing not to manage it properly.

Getting Published

Once the book was finished, I sent it to a publisher and crossed everything as I waited with baited breath….and a few months later I was shocked to received a publishing contract in the post. Along with a very complimentary letter about my book. I couldn’t believe it – someone had confidence in what I had written.

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So, with my book being worked on (it should have been ready by now but with Covid-19, things have been pushed back. I will keep you updated) I needed a new project to focus on.

If someone wants to publish my work – surely other people would be willing to pay for it?

And I was right. After putting myself out there as a freelance writer, I found that my work was very well received. I still find that hard to believe to this day, since I’ve never been an overly confident person. Yet here I am earning a full time income doing what I love – and I don’t say that in a boastful way, I say it with a sense of disbelief!

What’s Stopping You?

But it does get me thinking. If you have a talent – no matter what it is and you want to pursue it – what’s stopping you? It took me a while, but I know the answer:

We are stopping ourselves!

There is not excuse in the world for not doing, no matter how hard we try to come up with one. There is always a way, especially where your passion is concerned. Until I realised this, I was never successful, but as soon as I applied myself, dedicated time and effort and produced some work, things started paying off. And this can be the same for you.

I began this post with the intention of simply explaining how I got started and I now find myself offering advice –

Just go for it!

I would like to remind you that you can check out exactly how I got started with freelance writing through a 3rd party website – no fees and no hassle.

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