How Freelance Writing Freed Me

I have always had a passion for writing, even as a small child. You might call me something of a nerd, but it’s a title I’m proud of.

For much of my early adult life, I focused on raising my children and being in charge of the home and whilst I enjoyed this and am honoured to have a great family, something was missing.

I needed to break free from the chains of domestic life and use my talent and passion to start a career – so I did.

I began by writing a book, my first novel, of which I am so proud. His Mother’s Love was and remains, my inspiration for continuing on my writing journey.

I had long struggled with confidence issues, both about my capabilities and my appearance, feeling inadequate and unmotivated. But when a publisher read my work and offered me a contract, something inside me sparked – someone thought that I was good enough! That led to me beginning to feel free, beginning to feel that I was more than a mother – I was a boss!

Now, I don’t want you to mistake this newfound confidence for arrogance because I have my self-doubts every day. Every time I send a piece of work back to a client, I panic a little inside – ‘What if they hate it?’ ‘What if this is the piece of work that ends my blossoming career as a writer?’ ‘What if…..?’ ‘What if….?’ ‘What if….?’ And I am always surprised when I get client feedback telling me how much they appreciate my work and how enjoyable it reads. Little old me conquering the world, one article at a time.

I feel a great sense of satisfaction, self-worth and purpose – something I had not felt before. So, when I say that freelance writing freed me, I do mean it.

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