What Skills Does A Writer Need?

Being a writer is so much more than just putting words down onto paper – or a screen if we’re working digitally, which in this modern day, most people do. But when I tell people that I am a writer, and they ask what I do, there’s often quite a lot to explain.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I didn’t fall into writing by chance, it’s something that I have been passionate about for my entire life. I love writing – it doesn’t matter the topic, I just love creating sentences, paragraphs – an entire document. Those of you who have already worked with me will know my style and I feel confident that I have found my voice and how I like to get things across.

So, what then, should a writer be able to do in order to be successful? I thought that, for this weeks post, I would delve into the skills every writer should have, this will help you when looking for a writer for your brand or business.

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The Ability To Be Organised

I cannot explain just how much work we writers have to do – and it isn’t simply completing projects for clients, although that does take up most of my time.

Since I am self-employed, there are other aspects of my business that I need to attend to – maintaining this website for one, keeping my accounts and trying, in some way shape or form, to work out my taxes – I’m a writer, not a mathematician, and many other things. So it is imperative that I remain organised at all times.

I have very full diary that details the tasks I will be tackling every day – that’s everything from a full blown article to smaller things like phone calls. Without this daily plan, I’d be lost and work would never get delivered on time. But thanks to it, I am able to offer my clients a date that they will receive their work – and I always stick to it.

SEO Skills

Ok, so we aren’t web developers but as content creators it is vital that writers have a good knowledge of SEO. For the most part, we are working with keywords and oftentimes, a client will ask for us to do the keyword research ourselves.

We need to know how to come up with SEO-friendly titles and how to create a piece of writing that will rank well without using outdated SEO techniques like keyword stuffing

Effective Communication

Since we are frequently dealing with people, it is important that we can communicate clearly and above all, consistently.

I pride myself on keeping in regular touch with my clients. Even if I am working on a larger project that might take weeks, or even months, I will check in from time to time to give them an update or let them know of anything important.

As many of you will know, I charge a non-refundable deposit which secures my time and gives my clients a guarantee that I will work on their order from a set date. But since they have been trusting enough to part with their hard-earned money, it is essential for me to maintain that trust by letting them know that their work is being completed and I am here if they have any questions.

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Some people are of the impression that blasting out a few articles takes no concentration but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only does this kind of work need a lot of research – especially for subjects that you aren’t familiar on but it also takes focus to get the job done and get it done right.

I work from home and there have been many times that I have considered renting out some sort of office space because with three kids and a partner, the house can get a little chaotic.

Now yes, I do have a spare bedroom which I could theoretically set up as a home office but I’d still get distracted so I tend to work my job around my family and work, for the most part while the kids are at school. Otherwise, it’s a case of training myself to focus, no matter what is going on because I pride myself on creating good quality writing for my clients.

Being Versatile

As a writer, I cannot tell you how many different subjects I have written on – everything from gardening to gadgets and fashion to finance and everything in between. I love being able to write about such a varied range of subjects because it gives me an education whilst I’m working.

Just recently, I’ve done a few pieces of work for a client on a subject that I never dreamt I’d be writing about – to be honest, I didn’t think that I’d find it interesting, but in reality, it’s actually something that I’ve come to find engaging and delightful and it just goes to show that you can carry on learning long after you’ve finished school

The ability to adapt and be versatile in your work is essential because you just never know what that next order is going to contain. I am so thankful to all of my clients and I enjoy working with every single one of them.

What Skills Does A Writer Need?

The list really could go on and on but I am greatly aware that this could mean a never ending article on the subject and I can already feel myself becoming overly passionate about this.

If you wanted to become a writer, there is, of course, the need for good spelling and grammar and the ability to string a coherent sentence together but whilst these may be the most obvious things, the job description runs a lot deeper.

I hope that all of you who have already worked with me can see the things I have discussed here reflected in the work I do and for those of you who I am yet to work with, why not get in touch and see what my skills can do to benefit your business?

Finally, as I sit writing this on a Sunday night (which I had no intention of working on but you see that passion shining through again) I am ready for the start of a new week. I hope your weekend has been as enjoyable as mine and I look forward to working with you soon.

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